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Bi-Wize Auto – Used Cars for Sale in Dimmitt, Hereford and Muleshoe, TX.


What We Do…


We help people with NO CREDIT buy a dependable used car with LOW down payment! We have a variety of used cars for sale.  Our policy is BUY HERE, PAY HERE.  Because we make financial decisions on location, we are able to help with whatever your situation may be!  We also offer a Service Contract that keeps your car running with every vehicle we sell!  Check out to find out more info!


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 Feel free to View Our Inventory to find the right car for you.  Once you find your car, Call Us to find out the right financing option for you.  Then we can schedule you for a visit to test drive your car!  Bi-Wize Auto will do everything they can to take care of you and your vehicle.  We welcome you to join the Bi-Wize Family!


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